Pilates, I thought was just for the females, was I wrong! Pilates has taught me the proper techniques to be used in exercising resulting in improved health, flexibility and strength. Where else can you do this and be in a room full of females! Terrific instructors and lots of fun!  - Brian

Pilates can help you attain the combination of strength, flexibility and core function. Old, young, tall, short, skinny, or fat pilates can meet you where you're at and help you achieve your goals. Patti is professional, kind, and above all really cares.   - Dr. Stobbe (chiropractor)

For me Pilates is the combination of the movement of dance, the mind/body and flexibility of yoga, and the resistance training of weights. I have not found another activity that offers such an all round workout. That is why Pilates is such an integral part of my life. Pilates has improved my posture, stability, and flexibility. I am longer, leaner, and getting stronger with every class I take. I couldn't be happier with Patti as our instructor, she is so passionate, and knowledgeable. Our classes are challenging, but also so fun! I really look foward to going to class and finding the muscles I didn't know I had. I would definitely recommend Pilates at Core Dynamics Pilates & Dance for anyone with any level of fitness, looking to improve their fitness, and well being.   - Mary Anne Ross

Pilates has helped me to strengthen my core muscles to support my lower back. I came to Pilates after several lower back injuries. I needed a safe and watchful environment to help strengthen my lower back again. I am  so pleased to have a stronger lower back and the rest of my body has had great results too! I have so appreciated the watchful eyes of Patti and Sam. - Alison Weaver

 Wow, what an amazing experience.  I am waiting on a hip replacement and was having trouble walking.  My doctor recommended Core Dynamics and what a difference it has made.  I still don't walk a lot without a cane or a shopping cart but I can put in a full day's work around the house and yard. Great!!! - Gail Hiltz