Why Choose Core Dynamics

6 Great Reasons to Join Core Dynamics Today!

  1. We offer small class sizes!  This allows our trainers to ensure participants are not being allowed to pick up bad habits.  We make sure the exercises are being done safely, properly and effectively, ensuring you get the best workout for your time and money.
  2. We offer a great selection of both daytime and evening classes Monday through Friday.
  3. With Core Dynamics, you have a choice of instructor.  Instructors with a variety of backgrounds and teaching styles ensures you can find a good personality fit.
  4. Convenience! You can enroll your children in one of our many dance or fitness classes during your class, saving you time.
  5. Options! We want you here! If you miss your regular scheduled class, we give you the option of making it up in another class during the current session.
  6. We have desk staff available during daytime and evening hours to answer your questions and book your appointments.  We also offer an online registration system - no more waiting in line on registration day or wondering when the next session starts.  You will also be able to see any upcoming classes or studio specials we offer.


Still not convinced?  Here are a few more things to consider.

  1. Your chiropractor keeps recommending it every time you book an appointment! - Take the hint. Pilates has been proven to strengthen and balance the deep postural muscles of the spine alleviating and even eliminating pain.
  2. We have a fantastic location, great parking, no down town driving during rush hour times & are close to the multiplex. 
  3. We have expanded our services to include infrared sauna therapy, personal training, group fitness, yoga, Zumba & TRX training.  Our team of wellness experts work together promoting your success in reaching your health and fitness goals.  Put our team to work for YOU!
  4. Our studio has a full service equipment room with five V2max reformers, a ladder barrel, cadillac (not the car - but the trapeze table, great for those looking to challenge endurance, balance and strength training) and two stability chairs! If you are looking for something different to take your workout to the next level, we've got you covered!
  5. We can provide our clients with a referral service to select chiropractors and physiotherapists. This working relationship allows us to provide you a more personalized workout targeting your specific needs.
  6. Our members receive preferred rates for the infrared sauna! (Hey, we like to look after our own!) Benefits of infrared sauna include: detoxification, weight loss, heart health, relief from pain caused by Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, reduces stress, improves immune system, skin conditions and cellulite.